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In medical research, data is king. The idea for Totem Smart Health came about when we saw researchers hacking Fitbit health tracking devices to gather data. It turned out that, as this was illegal (!), they couldn’t include the data in their research. It struck us that the entire process could be made better all round. And so a TWTG spin-off company was born.

We originally started with a motion sensor, but after joining the Rockstart medical health incubator, we began developing a new device that included ECG heart monitors; creating a  low entry barrier tool that researchers could easily use.

After months spent sifting through medical theory, removing noise from datasets, and incorporating up-to-date modules and sensors into new prototypes, everything started falling into place. We’re now making Totem open source, so it’s available for everyone to use and iterate upon.

The Totem ECG is a fantastic device for patient, doctor and researcher.

Iwan van der Horst, cardiologist, UCMG
Due to the open source approach, Totem can benefit universities, researchers and every day medical practitioners.

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