The Things Network

The Things Network is a global community spread over 90 countries who, together, are building a global Internet of Things data network that isn’t reliant on WiFi or mobile subscriptions.

A global, open, free, and decentralised Internet of Things network that doesn’t rely on WiFi or 3G.

TWTG was tasked with creating the hardware capable of delivering this technology. We managed to do this using a long-range, low power radio frequency protocol called LoRaWAN.

We loved the idea of the project from the very start, but it’s been a highly complex technical challenge. The main thrust of activity has been creating networking gateways for a fraction of the price of competitors; hardware that’s also user-friendly and works internationally with all different LoRaWAN frequencies.

Engineering was especially hard because we needed to incorporate interfering signals on a single board, and allow users (mostly makers) to add their own modules and hack the device for their own custom needs. People are now buying our gateway devices across the world. Even whole cities – including Amsterdam – have several in operation; giving entire parts of the world working connections and enabling thousands of smart devices to communicate with each other.

Building a global internet of things network together.

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