Smart City Parking Sensors

The Smart City Parking Sensors are specifically designed for accurate detection of cars or trucks. This TWTG Managed Solution is tailor made for Smart City and Smart Office use-cases.

Different wireless protocols can be chosen, such as Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRa WAN or NarrowBand-IoT*. Secondly, custom API’s will make sure that this product can be easily integrated within existing installations. Thanks to our efforts to engineer the sensors as energy efficient as possible and by using high endurance batteries long life (5-8 years**) these sensors need almost no maintenance. The result of multiple years of research, development and optimization presented.

* NB-IoT versions will be made available in Q3-2018
** Under average circumstances, an average of 5-8 messages per day using LoRa WAN communication

Lifetime up to 5-8 years (battery powered) or >40 years (solar powered)

Custom API development for easy integration

Easy provisioning & Dual Detection Technology

By default we offer an unique QR-code on the bottom of each sensor node. These can be scanned during installation to log the final location. Alternatively, we can add Bluetooth Low Energy for active provisioning with transfer of an encryption key. For the detection of cars we use a smart detection algorithm whilst using infrared sensors and magnetic field. Due to the redundancy of these sensors, we can say with absolute certainty whether a car is parked there or not

Wireless protocols: BLE, LoRa & NB-IoT + both battery- as solar-powered

We understand that one does not always fit all. Therefore we have multiple options available, including one that comes pre-configured for The Things Network. Our sensors are created up to 90% of the final product, since we like to keep some room for specific adjustments to hold external circumstances into account. Therefore, both Bluetooth Low Energy (4.2), LoRa WAN and NarrowBand-IoT configurations are available.

Furthermore, the sensor comes in two form factors; a more conventional battery powered one, designed for offsite unmanaged locations and for larger installations or managed locations we offer a solar powered device that harvests enough energy from underneath a car to still keep it running. This sensor has an unbeatable lifetime of 40 years** !

IP-68 and Snow Plough resistant

Hailing from The Netherlands, we understand bad / continuously changing weather conditions.The operating temperature for the detection sensors ranges from -35 to +80 degrees Celsius (-31 … +112 ºF) and is made snow plough resistant.The design is also optimized so the modules can’t be taken easily from the road surface to prevent theft. When adding in the fact that the installation on the road surface can be done easily it becomes obvious what makes this sensor a winner— no civil works necessary.

Easy installation & weather resistant (including snow ploughs)

Case-study: Port of Amsterdam

Together with The Things Industries, TWTG created a custom-fit solution for the Port of Amsterdam. Thanks to the Smart City Parking Sensors and specifically tailored applications, drivers are automatically guided to available parking spaces, improving traffic flow and lowering emissions. This is in contrary to a lot of trucks, whom were waiting in front of the queue to be loaded. This resulted in massive traffic jams, which slowed down operations.

Using this technology to positively change human behavior and to improve corporate results is in our view one of the best practices for the parking sensors. In addition, TWTG was asked to discuss this product at Business News Radio (BNR) where we spoke about the possibility of renting our corporate parking spots in a major city when they’re not being used and how this open technology could enable the next AirBnB of parking spots. Please note this radio interview was recorded in Dutch.

Spec sheet

Please download it here (PDF, 780KB) or contact us if you have any additional questions or needed alterations.


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