Smart Boiler Module for existing installations to enable peak shaving

Retrofit IoT-solution that makes existing boilers connected to convert surplus energy from the energy grid into on-demand warm water for smart citizens.

Makes existing hot water systems / boilers ‘smart’. This retrofit solution developed by TWTG and Eneco can be attached to existing installations at the personal residences of smart citizens. Thanks to its cellular connectivity, it can shutdown or wake up on demand. This enables storing (surplus) energy in the boiler when needed on sunny or windy days to perform “peak shaving”. As an added bonus, customers can proactively choose to use renewable energy sources to help both the environment and balancing the energy grid.

“Our electricity network needs to be more resilient in the coming years in order to cope with the fluctuations due to solar- and wind energy. Aggravate the grid is costly, that’s why we look at innovations that brings supply and demand together. The bigger residential power users are most interesting, because all electric hot water boiler combined, use over the same amount of energy as 600 windmills can generate.”

– Evert Jan Althuis, Innovation Lead at Eneco

The dealing room can take over control

Most of existing hot water boilers work by turning on and off at specific times. The Smart Boiler Module works a little differently. It can turn on the boiler when it’s (almost) running out of hot water. But more importantly, it can be turned on and off when a lot of renewable / surplus energy is available in the network.

That’s where the dealing room takes over control. When the energy grid con-tains high amounts of surplus renewable energy due to high winds or generous amounts of sunlight, this peak of energy can be ‘stored’ at consumer residences who’ll be needing this “energy”, or: hot water shortly after. Durable, smart and saves resources at both sides.

This combination of hardware and software is done together with Peeeks.

Deliver warm water when, where and how much the customer needs specifically

The Smart Boiler-Module uses a 2G cellular connection, but is future-ready with LTE-M built-in (no client Wi-Fi is need-ed – ever). The Smart Boiler Module is made to survive to-gether with the life expectancy of the boiler, or even better. Plus, installation is made very easy and can be done within 30 minutes.

By leveraging the (current) temperature of the boiler com-bined with customer specific usage – the dashboard allows to guide energy to specific boiler locations ‘automagically’. The Smart Boiler-Module communicates its current status to the back-end, and thus can be switched on remotely.

Allows consumers to pro-actively use renewable energy, without any effort

Technical details

  • Functionality:
    1. determine current energy stored in boiler;
    2. bypass / control (switch) boiler.
    #. Button (front) is used to turn on the boiler manually
  • Install time: >30 minutes
  • Provisioning: QR-code inside, retrofit installation on-site
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +45°C (32°F to +113°F)
  • Wireless protocols: (cellular) GPRS, (cellular) LTE-M
  • Firmware: remote FW-updates over the air (OtA)
  • Expected lifetime: 10 years
  • Dimensions: 168mm (height) x 170mm (width) x 42mm (depth)

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