Click-on Insight Switch for Medium Voltage Switches

Monitoring switchgear is essential in the operational management of decentralised transformer stations, though there are not a lot “smart” or connected options to do this properly. Untill today. TWTG developed, validated and produces an IoT-connected solution retrofitted for Eaton Magnefix* switchgear (MD4) that solves multiple problems. Near realtime insight, predictive maintenance, and a smart grid.

The new insights we get from TWTG’s Click-on Insight Module is allowing us to locate malfunctioning hardware very precisely in our energy grid. Allowing us to move further in the ‘Smart Grid transition

Stedin Netbeheer, Daan Bos
Installation time <3 seconds - click-on design

Near real-time insight to minimize downtime

When snapped on, over-current detection will be added on the device level. Secondly, near real-time insight in current load and voltage per device will be sent into the cloud. All done through low power cellular communications (NB-IoT). This part of big data analysis can provide the desired dataset to enable in-depth predictive maintenance and perform very specific analysis on the energy grid accurately. The ideal combination between deep level insight plus fast and effortless integration.

No maintenance, no shutdown, no problems.

The beauty of TWTG’s click-on form factor is that no switches need to be turned off or altered during installation.

Place and forget, since TWTG’s efforts lead to harvesting energy from the surroundings of the attached device itself. No need to replace batteries, to install extra wiring, or to do maintenance, ever.

An end-to-end predictive maintenance I-IoT solution

In line with our vision to accept bespoke requirements, our launching customers Stedin Netbeheer and Westland Infra chose to add ‘people detection’ via a PIR-based motion sensor. Furthermore, our solution was integrated in their own (existing) architecture. But can also be shipped with our own dedicated software / UI.

Predictive models for maintenance are constantly being improved. Also, support API’s are given for other popular / owned platforms. More networking standards can be supported in the future.

Technical details

• Click-on installation >3 seconds on existing Eaton® Magnefix® mount (MD4)
• Measures: current, voltage, humidity, temperature
• Provisioning: QR-code on front
• Operating temperature: -20°C to +80°C (-31°F to +176°F) / IP-54 rated
• Communications: (NB) NB-IoT / More wireless protocols can / will be supported
• Expected liftetime: 5+ years w/Energy Harvesting (battery version: 2-3 years)
• Dimensions: 125mm (height) x 62mm (width) x 45,5mm (depth)

* ‘Eaton’ and ‘Magnefix’ are registered trademarks of their respective owners. TWTG does not own these trademarks and is not affiliated with them in any way.

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