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About TWTG Research & Development

We specialize in smart embedded electronics (I-IoT). We’ve created everything from tag to tag ranging solution to an energy harvesting circuit that’s ideal for connected hardware.

We don’t believe in building everything at once – so we’ve hacked the software prototype development process (the same one that NASA uses), tweaking it slightly for our hardware projects. Why? Because an iterative, trial-and-error approach works best for us. It allows us to create minimum viable products in a short period of time and incrementally improve live prototypes following user feedback.

Be ready to enroll in a team that consists of embedded engineers, industrial designers, and software developers. Together, we turn the coolest projects into reality for large roster of AAA-clients and our own start-ups that use all new types of technology such as The Things Network and Tryst Energy. Next to that, we pay special attention in maintaining our culture of learning new stuff everyday, being and staying ahead of the curve and challenging each other in a supportive atmosphere.

You, the Embedded Software Engineer

You, the Embedded Software Engineer (with feeling for hardware), will develop the brains of our products. You iterate upon sketches and brainstorming with your team. You will bring a prototype to life in no-time and program code in C(++) / Python. You will never use the excuse ‘But yesterday it worked’, because you prove it by mastering GIT. The next step is to make the firmware ready for small scale pilots. In the end, you are deeply invested in optimizing the product, helping your embedded hardware colleagues and creating the final product.

Or in short: bringing the hardware alive!

Working on multiple challenging projects

Working at TWTG isn’t working on 1 single project for months, but you will be working on challenging projects in different fields every week. You could be deeply invested in logistics in the first part of the week, to support your colleagues with their challenges to implement that next generation of connectivity standards. Every day is truly different.

What you say you do – at a party

“I write the code that forms the heart of stuff that connects to the internet. – And no, I will not set-up the email account on your iPhone.”

What we offer

  • A (paid) job;
  • Responsibility and alternation;
  • Informal, fun working atmosphere in Rotterdam;
  • Working multidisciplinary in-house;
  • Working on high diversity of projects for a roster of AAA-clients;
  • Great lunch with the team;
  • Amazing TWTG events;
  • Countless way to develop yourself as a professional.

What we’re looking for

  • Graduated in a related field (HBO / WO);
  • 3+ years of experience in the field;
  • You know your embedded software, but you also know some embedded hardware;
  • Iterative design is something that’s made for you.
  • C(++) works in your favor;
  • You speak sufficient English, but geen zorgen we spreken ook gewoon Nederlands;
  • Our preference is for full-time occupancy.

How to apply?

Simply by filling in the form below. If you are allergic to forms or want to add your CV, a letter or something else – e-mail us at jobs[at]twtg.io

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