Last week during the AT&T student business challenge, our own┬áNick and John were presented challenging cases on IoT. The event was hosted at AT&T in The Hague, interesting new concepts were presented during the final pitch round. TWTG was present as judge and to inform these students about technology. ‘Run4Light’, an interactive LED-vest from Arnhem / Nijmegen University to protect recreational runners won. The addition of IoT meant tracking steps, adding safety features, GPS and was powered through an energy harvester.

Our CTO John gave a workshop on adding sensors and technology to everyday products and presented the young entrepreneurs with insights from the field of IoT product development. Two weeks later, TWTG’s Marketing Lead Nick determined together with other members of the jury which group implemented it best, not only from a technological point of view – but also in which ways it improved their business model.

“Adding technology to existing products should be done carefully. Run4Light is a concept in which both motivational as technical aspects come together in a product for a potential target group of million of consumers. Using energy harvesting technology to power this product is not only smart, but also more durable and less heavy when wearing close to the body than regular chunky batteries.” – Nick, Marketing Lead

We would like to thank AT&T for asking us to be the judge during this event and we’ve invited Run4Light to our office to discuss their plans with our engineers to help them bringing the product to market.