Recently, TWTG was invited to join the Dutch trade mission Smart Cities in New York City, US. This invitation is one result of winning the ‘Oranje Handelsmissiefonds’ in 2017, which is a collaboration between MKB Nederland, ING Bank, Royal Dutch KLM and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). TWTG CTO John Tillema visited the conference together with Business Development Intern Sasa, who is researching the market potential of smart cities¬†for TWTG.

The video embedded below is produced to emphasize the role of OHMF and the journey we’ve received as winners. International expansion and orientation isn’t new for TWTG, but the help and support we receive from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency is very valuable. It can be seen as a figurative foot in the door that allows you in at certain places, you would normally have to work really hard for to access that level. “We’re also doing the hard work every day, all day, but the tremendous help we receive from Oranje Handelsmissie Fonds is very valuable. And of course their partners, such as KLM that quite literal brings us to our international destination – haha.”, John adds.

Today, we have an international roster of clients. We are looking beyond the US-borders now, OHMF supports us in doing so

John Tillema, CTO

The Dutch financial newspaper ‘The Financial Telegraaf’ (DFT) interviewed John about his trip to New York. In this piece John explained how retrofit solutions can add value for large industrial organizations. This is exactly where TWTG finds its specialization, creating retrofittable industrial IoT solutions for a selection of markets in which connected hardware can immediately deliver commercial value. In both operational excellence as strategic innovation for its clients.

Secondly, attention was given to our Parked Vehicle Detection Sensors and other projects that we are working on. Such as the blockchain enabled bike lock and retrofittable units to make old street lighting ‘smart’.¬†John also specified that TWTG derives from the made-up Dutch word ‘Tweetonig’ and that the amount of employees at TWTG is still growing rapidly.

Click for full resolution of the article. DFT, June 14, 2018.

Written by Sophie Zimmerman, picture by Olivier Huisman.

We already have fantastic American partners such as IBM and AT&T, but we see that our solutions can break ground in the US too.

John Tillema, CTO