Dutch radio station BNR (Business News Radio) featured TWTG on their show ‘Eyeopeners’. A show on innovation and news in tech hosted by Meindert Schut. Nick, Marketing Lead @ TWTG, talked about the possible business cases that can be attached to this solution TWTG developed.

The¬†Smart Parking Sensor is one of the first Managed Solutions that we are bringing to market. “It might seem like a simple and small device, that checks if a car is parked… But our engineers were hellbent on creating a product that will never fail you. For example, a snowplow will not destroy this device due to smart industrial design and multiple sensors can be used to make sure the spot is free or taken.” Nick says.

In addition to the interview, Nick adds: “The fun part is that this product derived from one of our main industrial product engineers his thesis project. Of course the technology changed within, but his form factor and design decisions are practically all alive today in this Parking Sensor. Sometimes those graduation research projects turn out to be golden, Kenny still works with us today.”¬†A technical brochure was created especially for this managed solution (PDF).

The show can be listened to via the website of BNR, and the segment starts around 12:33.