Got a game-changing idea? We can help you create and build a bespoke working prototype.

Whether you’ve already spent hours poring over patents, plans, and portfolios; or you’re keen to move onto developing a prototype or proof of concept with us – we’re game.

We begin by determining a fixed scope of work with clear steps. This is when we bring out the big guns*; raising our innovation game to bring your vision to life. Don’t worry; we’ll involve you every step of the way. And because we work in an iterative way, we’re used to tweaking as we go.

We can take care of everything from lifecycle management to certification; as well as product management, design for manufacturing, and even prototype demonstrations. Even if you’re committed to using existing hardware or software, we can still help you – right up until the pilot phase, if you already have your own team.

In other words, if you only use us for part of the process, or need expert innovators to guide you through complete development from start to finish – you can count on TWTG to deliver.

*Not actual ‘guns’. We’re not into that kind of thing.

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