The Smart City Parking Sensors are specifically designed for accurate detection of cars or trucks. This TWTG Managed Solution is tailor made for Smart City and Smart Office use-cases.

TWTG developed this demo kit for engineering purposes for organizations that want to test our modules for future applications. The kit consists of 5 units, manuals and comes with limited support.

Frequently asked questions

  • This demo-kit is made for companies, developers or agencies that seek out to test the TWTG Smart City Parking Sensors for future appliances.

    Please note that no end-to-end applications are provided with the demo kit. An installation / instruction manual is included.

  • There will be 5 LoRa WAN editions of TWTG’s Smart City Parking Sensor, an installation manual and you will get additional (limited) support if needed by one of engineers.

  • We will be only shipping LoRa WAN + Bluetooth demo kits for now. With final orders, specifications can be specified to custom needs. Such as different communication protocols such as NarrowBand-IoT or custom firmware.

    Since this device is already engineered, these “small” iterations can provide you a bespoke solution without the cost that such product normally brings.

    Please contact us for more information or a quote.

  • No it does not.

    The sensors will be delivered with LoRa appEUI, devEUI and Appskey. These are needed to configure the sensor on a LoRa network server (i.e. The Things Network).

  • For the demokit you can provision the units using Bluetooth and our specific Google Android application made for the demo kit. Comes with its own documentation. For “regular” models in future orders, this will be a bespoke process (OtA).

    Installation is easy by drilling a hole (61mm) into the road and hammering the Smart City Parking Sensor in the ground. For mass quantity orders, TWTG can also provide them within a concrete tile / enclosure.

  • We understand that you have issues with the decision for ABP-keys. Note that this is solely done for the demo kits and ease of use and will not be on the device with final mass quantity orders.

    For definitive orders, we will always collaborate on the desired, custom provisioning flow, so it comes naturally for your organization.

    For final orders, TWTG can provide MasterCard approved security levels if needed.

  • The demo kit runs on the 868MHz LoRa WAN frequency. Definitive can of course be engineered with every given LoRa WAN frequency.

  • Yes. But not as demo kit unfortunately.

  • We are developing a solar powered version of our Smart City Parking Sensor. But not as demo kit unfortunately.

  • It depends on multiple factors, such as how many actions it sends per day, the spreading factor and other things. Therefore we have an expected battery range of 5-8 years.

    The battery cannot be replaced. The calculation for 5-8 years is based upon an average of 5-8 messages per day.

  • Officially only cars and trucks are supported. Motorcycles can be detected, though is not officially supported since they need to be right op top of the sensor.

    The detection height was from 0 to 900mm (0 to 35.4 inches).

  • Yes. And to add, the Smart City Parking Sensor works in environments between -35 to +80 degrees Celsius (-31 … +112 °F).

    The IP protection is estimated on IP-68 for the demo kit.

  • No, it is not. The modules are for engineering purposes only. When placing a final order, various certifications are possible such as ATEX, CE or FCC.

    However, the modems are LoRa WAN compliant.

  • Yes, we do custom appliances with bespoke firmware. More information can be requested by contacting us, though start-up costs are involved.

  • You will receive limited support. The demo units are tested and validated, but do not come with extended warranty on hardware level.

  • Shipping to countries within the EU and to the USA is included in the price. Additional costs for other countries will be communicated through e-mail. Delivery time depends on your country, but will be send out within 2 working days after receiving payment.

    All prices are ex. Dutch VAT.

  • Definitive pricing varies on quantity, bespoke wishes and / or additional services added. As unit prices go, the demo-kit is priced higher to maintain our service level and to enable you to present a proof of concept within a matter of weeks.

    Reimbursement, or partly, of the demo-kit is possible with larger quantity orders in the future.

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Smart City Parking Sensor demo-kit (5 units) - €990
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1x Smart City Parking Sensor demo-kit (5 units) - €990


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An invoice will be e-mailed to you, after placing your request order. All prices are ex. VAT.

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