We are greatly honored to be named as winners of the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds. The OHMF is an initiative founded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ING Bank, KLM & MKB Nederland and had its award ceremony during BusinessBoost Live 2017 in Rotterdam Ahoy with over 7.000 attendees.

Attending the event were TWTG’s Dimer and Nick. “We were selected 9th out of the 10 winners that came from almost 2000 entries, so I was a little nervous whilst sitting there between the other 29 finalists.” says Dimer (COO), “but when I heard the presenter yelling ‘TWTG!’ I must say that I couldn’t stop smiling”.

The Oranje Handelsmissiefonds had various companies in shapes and forms competing for this prestigious award. Winners are invited to attend the formal Dutch trade missions that are lead by Dutch King Willem Alexander and will be supported in bringing their business abroad. For TWTG taking steps across the Dutch border isn’t new according to our CEO Goran, “nonetheless, making big new steps that make us reach even further is really exciting”.

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