Rotterdam, September 29th, 2017 – In addition to the newly introduced company name, TWTG welcomes Goran Gavric as new CEO. With around 20 years of experience and as former CEO of ForeyeT, Goran will help TWTG grow further and is deeply invested in the field of connected hardware and research & development.

“I recognize TWTG as the company I started in 2011. There is a tremendous amount of talent within these walls that knows their way around exciting, emerging technologies. My mission is to control the corporate growth and sustainability.” Gavric says.

Co-founder John Tillema continues as TWTG’s CTO and will hand over most of his managerial tasks to Goran. Dimer Schaefer will remain seated as COO / co-founder. “Goran can make sure that we have a sustainable path to grow. He is the perfect individual to connect with our clients and thanks to his vast technological experience perfectly suited to acquire new clients, contracts and lead our upcoming projects”, Tillema and Schaefer agree.

Gavric ends with: “When you hit the landmark of 20 – 30 employees, you will reach the notorious point of no return. Further growth is inevitably connected to change. Our main challenge is to keep on challenging our talented people and maintain the company’s culture. I’m extremely honored and motivated to dedicate myself to the company.”

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