TWTG, the Rotterdam-based R&D company that specializes in smart connected hardware, officially received the first LTE CAT-M SIM from T-Mobile NL at their IoT TableTalk event yesterday. An important step towards the format introduction of this new network which is specialized in machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. For TWTG, who specialize in product development for the Internet of Things (IoT), the CAT-M network is one of the most important ingredients for solutions of both today and tomorrow.

By receiving this very first CAT-M SIM, we are able to develop future-ready solutions for our clients.

Marten Lootsma, Software Lead

John Tillema, CTO at TWTG, was officially handed the SIM by Boris van Beek, Vice President Digital & Customer Operations Business of T-Mobile NL. Boris mentioned: “just like that garage in Silicon Valley” on Linkedin. This SIM-card will be used for one of TWTG’s biggest projects yet, which is still under strict NDA.

“For us it’s really important to be future-proof as soon as possible. The projects we are working on today, are designed to operate for years in the field. By given such fast access to this new networking standard, T-Mobile enables us to develop products for tomorrow.” says Marten Lootsma, Software Lead @ TWTG. “We see CAT-M as an important replacement of 2G, together with NarrowBand-IoT. These specialized connections for machine-to-machine communication are a welcome replacement of the old 2G-networking technologies. CAT-M lowers the energy usage of products, whilst improving the penetration. It’s improving on every factor.” he concludes.

TWTG, Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile NL work closely together on delivering industrial IoT solutions for various industries. The IoT-networks of T-Mobile NL deliver both reliability and scalability. Multiple projects from the TWTG R&D labs run on the T-Mobile networks.


Link to header image, which is made by Boris van Beek (849KB, 1920×1080): click here

LTE-M is the abbreviation for LTE Cat-M1 or Long Term Evolution (4G), category M1. This technology is for Internet of Things devices to connect directly to a 4G network, without a gateway and on batteries.

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