Rotterdam, February 1st 2018. TWTG and The Things Network are releasing the open source files for their products ‘The Things Gateway’, ‘UNO’, and the ‘Node’, resulting in the last step of developing a global open source Internet of Things data network. This announcement was made at The Things Conference, LoRaWAN™ Developer Conference on February 1st, and addressed in a keynote by TWTG Hardware Lead Sven-Erik Haitjema.

TWTG launched a low cost, long range and low power product line together with The Things Network in December 2017 that outperformed all industry standards on cost, but since today also in its open character in both software as hardware. One that is unparalleled in the industry and enables multiple use cases within IoT use cases ranging from Smart City solutions to custom-made solutions from DIY-ers and professionals across the world. The electrical design files & firmware for ‘TTN Gateway’, ‘Node’ and ‘UNO’ are being made available today under open source license.

These products redeem a promise that anyone can setup a local public accessible / shared network in 5 minutes, build an Internet of Things (IoT) prototype in 60 minutes and a proof of concept in a day. The Things Network launched their initiative covering Amsterdam with LoRaWAN network in six weeks back in August 2015. Eight weeks later Sao Paulo, Boston, Buenos Aires, Kochi and Sydney were doing the same. They enable DIY-ers and citizens to build a carrier grade network using bottom up approach. Today the community has over 30.000 members, there are more than 2.500 gateways up and running and active globally.

The decision for open source derives from that it is easy to replicate and to expand globally. The technology is allowed in almost every country in the world. To provide the active community with affordable LoRaWAN hardware, that is also easy to use TWTG and The Things Network started working together around 2 years ago.

John Tillema, CTO & Co-founder at TWTG states: “When we started working on and with The Things Network, we immediately realized that this was not one of our regular projects. Countless hours of engineering went into creating the hardware more open and available to a larger crowd of makers and enthusiasts. The goal was not to make it cheaper than current existing hardware, but to create a community-driven device that can adapt to its users, without large profits and by using high-end components that can run relatively large quantities of clients and finally by balancing the product-price so efficient as possible to make it both available and usable for the global maker-IoT markets. Making such hardware open source was our biggest challenge. Working closely together with the team at The Things Network and with industry leaders such as Microchip within the LoRa Alliance™ made this possible. As TWTG we’re proud to be part of this movement.”


About TWTG

TWTG is the research and development company committed to driving innovation across all areas of technology. ‘Innovation’ is a massively misunderstood term; used too casually and flippantly. But here at TWTG, we’re serious about it. Our mission is to transform technology and incrementally make the mundane magical. To do this, we focus our attention on IoT-connected hardware.

About The Things Network

The Things Network is building a global, open, crowd-sourced Internet of Things data network which is owned and operated by its users. It is based on the technology called LoRaWAN which is perfect for the Internet of Things as it is low energy, long range and low bandwidth. The entire city of Amsterdam was covered with this network in less than 6 weeks and inspired hundreds of cities around the world to do the same.

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