Rotterdam, September 24th, 2017 – Tweetonig, the Rotterdam-based R&D company that specializes in smart connected hardware changes its name to TWTG. This is done in response to the fast growing database of international clients and is in line with the growth of the company as a whole.

Repositioning the brand is in addition to the reviewed structure of services TWTG is offering.

“When we started out, Tweetonig was a made up Dutch word meaning ‘duotone’ — taken from the (real) Dutch word eentonig which means ‘monotone’ and/or ‘boring’. And we’ll do anything to dodge the boring bullet. But stubborn as we engineers are, we did cave in after all the tongue breakers our international clients had with our name”, says John Tillema, co-founder and CTO of TWTG.

Repositioning the brand is in addition to the reviewed structure of services TWTG is offering. The R&D company offers research, development and solutions for both existing as new clients. Dimer Schaefer, COO & co-founder TWTG adds: “This was more logical for our clients, since we want to enable both clients that need research & development and the ones that solely need us to solve their problem – fast”. Therefore, the new Solutions division was born out of this rising demand for almost-off the shelf products that can implemented in current infrastructures without having the risk of developing it from the start. Due to TWTG’s leadership within the field of IoT / connected hardware and multiple years of vast experience of developing and researching it; “this was the moment for us to add it to our services portfolio”, Schaefer adds.

The new website also offers the possibility to showcase some of TWTG’s client projects and own moonshots. From the perspective of content and relations, TWTG’s Nick Kiran states: “We saw a growing demand for our cases everyday, but we didn’t had the medium to spread the word. With our new website, we can show the world what TWTG can do and is doing”. Client cases and TWTG’s own projects such as The Things Network and Tryst Light Energy received international press coverage in the past year and got their own spot on TWTG’s own media strategy. Alongside with the new name, TWTG is also embodied in a new logo and new website. Both designed by XYZ Branding Agency and photography is done by Olivier Huisman.

Furthermore, TWTG will continue it’s quest in building dreams that combine hardware, software and use-cases upon the newest innovations and technologies. Working closely together with clients such as Vodafone, Primevision, PostNL and ERIKS, TWTG is rapidly expanding it’s impact on the industry and is determined to gain and maintain thought leadership in the industry of smart connected hardware / IoT.


About TWTG

TWTG is the research and development company committed to driving innovation across all areas of technology. ‘Innovation’ is a massively misunderstood term; used too casually and flippantly. But here at TWTG, we’re serious about it. Our mission is to transform technology and incrementally make the mundane magical. To do this, we focus our attention on IoT-connected hardware. 

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