“The reduction of CO2 emissions by 49% by 2030 is an important but challenging goal for the Netherlands” says Constantijn van Oranje – Special Envoy. “Current technology, business models, consumer behavior and regulation will not suffice. Deep investments in new technology and innovative solutions are needed.” he ends in the new bid book written by StartupDelta in partnership with Postcode Lottery Green Challenge for the Dutch government.

TWTG is named as one of the game changers that can deliver innovations that can help reach this ambitious goal in 2030. Existing businesses solely cannot reach these climate goals and climate sector bodies, therefore the Dutch Government says to be working towards a masterplan for CO2-reduction and the energy transition. The masterplan aims to be the ambitious framework in which others should be able to deliver the transition and make change happen. Constantijn emphasizes that companies such as TWTG with their Light Energy technology should be included in these plans.


It's very interesting to see durable technology amplify real commercial value in a business case

Goran Gavric, CEO TWTG


“We are honored to be named in the bid book. We also understand the velocity of the challenges within the energy transition. Tryst Light Energy is one element in the solutions we create, though the vision of harvesting new energy sources is very promising – in our industry as well as in others. We are bound to our personal beliefs that IoT solutions should always provide true value to the industry and be engineered as durable as possible. It’s very interesting to see durable technology amplify real commercial value in a business case.” says Goran Gavric, CEO TWTG.

TWTG specializes in creating industrial IoT-apliances that challenge existing infrastructure by upgrading them with connected hardware to enable business cases within domains such as predictive maintenance, active asset tracking and bespoke goals for a loyal roster of international clients. This is not the first time Prince Constantijn van Oranje of Start-up Delta endorses TWTG’s Light Energy, at the 2017 Accenture Innovation Awards he praised the technology as well. At TWTG we are very humbled by this news, more on the bidbook can be found on Medium.