So, you’re interested in working at TWTG? You have great taste(!).

There’s always lots going on here and we enjoy every moment. We’re always looking for smart people; from all disciplines. Whether you’re a streetwise coder looking for a new challenge; a hotshot engineer eager to shake things up; or an industrial design magician keen to flex some creative muscle; or a mix of all three – we’d love to hear from you.

Quick list of open positions:

Not only have we done some noteworthy work for our clients, we’ve also spun out a fair few innovations of our own, that have since been taken to market. To name a few: The Things Network, Tryst Energy, Tuna Knobs and Totem Open Health. Working at TWTG means working with some of the biggest names in the industry as our clients. To name a few: PostNL, KPMG, Dell, The Things Network, ERIKS and Lely Industries.

Our work never stops. In the stolen moments sandwiched between our daily design duties and super-important prototyping projects, we continue to explore new technologies which helps broaden our expertise. That’s just how we roll.

We don’t believe in building everything at once – so we’ve hacked the software prototype development process (the same one that NASA uses), tweaking it slightly for our hardware projects.

Working at TWTG is not only working with, but also developing all the new technologies for interesting clients.

Sven-Erik Haitjema, embedded engineer

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